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Increase your productivity with Custom CRM Solutions

Due to increased digitization and competition CRM is a must for business to flourish in the current business environment. We offer customized CRM solutions for small businesses who cannot afford to spend much on these products but are willing to have the same. Our CRM is web based and you need just an internet browser to access this. The CRM is hosted on secure https domain

What we offer in our travel CRM

  • Lead form from the websites get integrated in the CRM. All leads are added in the data base, assigned to agent and email is sent
  • Manage leads funnel on the go. Send mail to customer, change status, assign lead and much more
  • Once lead is converted to opportunity we can add costing sheet, additional customer information, quality, status, itinerary, design the package online and send the email
  • Tracking opportunity user wise, daily mails of pending opportunity and leads. Add reminders and more
  • Convert opportunity to package. Add hotels and taxi services, manage suppliers, send confirmation, payments, welcome mail to customers and more
  • Send booking mails to hotel and taxi providers. Auto reminder on the travel / check in date to suppliers
  • Track profit, payments to vendors and more easily
  • Create supplier accounts and give them  to see their bookings / services and payment details
  • On the Go cloud based CRM. Access from PC / Laptop / Mobile from anywhere.

 You can start with as low as Rs 15oo per month / Rs 15000 per year with 5 users start with and increase gradually as you find your businesses grow. Contact Us for a free demo and use the software if it suites you.

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Why us

  • We have more than 10 years experience in the travel industry
  • We know all the nitty gritty of small travel business. No need to maintain messy excel sheets
  • With your confidence and our expertise we want to create a win win situation for both of us.

Increase your web presence and increase traffic, leading to more business

Every day millions of people search the Internet to find suitable information, products and services for them.  Over 95% of Internet users find new websites by using search engines. Unless your website appears prominently on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, there are very less chances of customers coming to your website as there is no other option to reach the customers.

Fortunately, obtaining a prominent listing on the search engines is becoming difficult day by as competition and number of websites is on the rise and growing at a very high rate. There is something you can do to help get top rankings for your website.

One of the methods of reaching out to the customers is using Google adwords. These are paid links and show on the sponsored listings on the right hand side of the search page.  The listing in this depends upon the cost per click value, the relevance of the ad to such page and the Google quality score of that keyword.

What we offer

  • We design you Google ads as per Google policies (word count etc)
  • Design ads having high click value arising customer interest
  • Select keyword having high relevance and Google quality score thereby reducing cost per click.
  • Choose keyword having very less competition, your ads will be placed higher with very less cost.
  • Manage country and time of placements of ads
  • Your total Google adwords management, and will provide you monthly click reports data generated by Google

 You can start with as low as Rs 2000 / $50 to start with and increase gradually as you find your businesses grow.

Why us

  • We have experience of more than ten years in Google adwords  analysis and have run highly successful campaigns of our website and One is a hotel site and the other one is a multi-topic web portal.
  • Using our skills and experience gained in the travel industry we are now offering these services to other clients.
  • With your confidence and our expertise we want to create a win win situation for both of us.